A small insight for the first impression |our doctor's office rooms

Our general practitioner's office is at Boelckestraße 17-19 in Regensburg-Kumpfmühl. It is actually 3 practitioner's offices in 2 neighbouring houses. As we operate one office with currently seven doctors, we are in a position to offer a multitude of therapeutic and diagnostic methods. From ultrasound to ECG, we have all the important technical requirements to offer you a high level of examination and treatment possibilities.
Our general medicine office is the "teaching general practitioner's office" of the University of Regensburg. An 18-month further training course to become a general practitioner is possible in our general practitioner's office, as well as a clinical traineeship, internships for students and training of doctor's assistants.

A strong team at your side

Here you can see all the employees of our general practitioner's office. Doctors, medical assistants and trainees.
Our competent team looks forward to your visit!